Catalysts for change

Supporting expert teachers + improving facilities + providing free places

Since its opening in 2006, Mukwashi Trust School has aimed to give the children in its Zambian farming community a future shaped by high-quality education, and for them to become catalysts for change in their community.

According to the UN, Zambia is one of the world’s 50 least-developed countries. It struggles with drought, inflation, corruption and a collapsing economy: over 50% of its 17 million people live in poverty.

In Zambia, a few expensive private schools serve the elite and the expats. Government schools, mainly in urban areas, are under-resourced, over-crowded and very low-quality. In rural areas, community schools are usually organised by parents and taught by volunteers or staff on tiny stipends.

Mukwashi Trust School tries to be different. We aim to match the educational quality of the top private schools, but to serve the most deprived and vulnerable in our poor rural community.

‘Mukwashi’ isn’t a place; it’s the local word for ‘family’. The school is actually in Chilanga district, west of Lusaka, and we call it ‘mukwashi’ because everyone involved — staff, pupils, parents, friends and supporters — are united in one patient, family enterprise: educating the next generation.

Our partnership

Mukwashi is a partnership between local parents and overseas friends.

Working parents cover about 60% of the school’s running costs through their fees; international supporters contribute the other 40% — and all the capital costs.

Because most local people earn less than £65 per month, we keep fees as low as possible: £15.50 per term for primary pupils, and £25 per term for secondary pupils. Even so, this is unaffordable for many parents — and, in 2021, friends and supporters are funding 55 free places to the poorest.

Elvis’ story

Pupil at Mukwashi Trust School

“I’m Elvis, and I’m seventeen. I started school at Mukwashi when I was five. At the beginning, I wasn’t doing well and didn’t understand much, but the teachers were very patient with me.

My father died when I was twelve, and my mother couldn’t continue to pay my fees as she earns very little. I was about to stop school, but the teachers heard and  arranged for me to have a free bursary place. I ‘m now in my final year, grade 12, and doing well: my dream is to become a farmer…”

Our Leadership

The School is owned by Mukwashi Trust School Ltd — a non-profit making company limited by guarantee registered in Zambia (120190009921).

The company was established in 2019 by a small group of committed supporters in the UK, Canada and the US to nurture the school after the original trust had lapsed and been dissolved. These are the company ‘members’ who are legally responsible for the school.

The company is managed on behalf of its members by four unpaid directors: Ms Magrietha Botha & Ms Leslie Jeffery in Zambia, Ms Laura Manni in Canada and Mr Timothy Pain in the UK. Between them, they have over 40 years’ experience of managing charities in the UK and Africa.  

The directors have appointed Ms Mulemba Sakuwaha as the school’s Head Teacher, and Mr Crispin Shamufundo & Ms Mwangala Lubinda as the Deputy Heads. They lead a team of eighteen full-time staff, two part-time staff and several regular volunteers.

The school is advised by one of the founding members, Prof Iram Siraj OBE, Senior Research Fellow at Jesus College and Professor of Child Development & Education at Oxford University.

We are proud to support Mukwashi

“This small community school is inspiring vulnerable students to believe in themselves, reach for their dreams and never give up. It’s transforming their community for the better – one child at a time.

The staff and students exude a thirst for knowledge and joy of learning which is both extraordinary and contagious. I’ve visited top private schools all round the world which spend as much money educating one child as MTS does educating an entire school. In my opinion, the results Mukwashi achieves are far more impressive.”

John Farrell, Director of Bridges of Peace & Hope

“In Mukwashi, I see a blossoming of talent, and a desire to excel and make a difference which gives back to the community. I see perseverance and a joy for life which makes obstacles turn into opportunities for developing problem solvers. Where others see despair, the Mukwashi community see resilience and a training for strength.”


“I’ve seen first-hand how small gifts of service and finance have created great opportunities for learning and growth, as well as deeper understanding for my students and me. Mukwashi is a special community where the joys of questioning, wondering and learning are contagious.”

Natalie Belli, Teacher, Massachusetts, USA

Our Partners