First class tuition

Smaller Classes + higher marks in exams + modern facilities – all thanks to you!

We are a licensed pre, primary and secondary school founded in 2006. 

Nutritious school lunches

We provide each child with a free cooked meal at lunchtime every day.   We grow all the fruit & veg on site, and cook nshima (maize meal) over charcoal in the open air.

safe and affordable transport

We’ve two ‘new-to-us’ 30-seater school buses which collect and deliver children four times a day along the busy Mumbwa Road.  


Our school is next to Zambia’s main road to the west,  and close to several large communities of mud houses. Our simple buildings sit comfortably within our local community, and are relevant to the people we serve.

Through generous overseas friends and supporters, we now have four big blocks which each contain two large classrooms. In the last few years, we’ve also built a science laboratory, dug a borehole, converted the head teacher’s house into an Early Years’ Unit, and erected a sustainable toilet & shower block which is large enough to serve the whole school.

Since 2020, we’ve also managed to buy over 2,500 of the most up-to-date textbooks, two afro-centric reading schemes to help our children learn to read fluently, and over 1,000 afro-centric reading and reference books.

We’re aiming for self-sufficiency in food by developing a large market garden & livestock compound. As funds permit, we’re planting hundreds of fruit trees to provide future generations of learners with food and shade. 

Like everyone else in our local community, we struggle for power. We now use solar power for our water pump, and hope to be able to provide our school office with solar power sometime in 2023.  Wifi is many years away!

We prize academic excellence, but value good character, humility and selflessness even more highly.
Teacher with class at Mukwashi

First class tuition

We have dedicated classes for every grade from pre-school through to Grade 12. We aim for 40 children in each class: this might seem a lot overseas, but our classes are much smaller than most Zambian schools.

Because so many children start schooling late, or miss a few years before returning, there is an age range of six years in all our classes.  This wide range requires specialist teaching skills, so all our teachers are well-trained and highly qualified, and we provide them with ongoing professional development. As a result, most teachers at other schools in the area try to send their own children to Mukwashi.

Our Early Years’ Unit is in its own fenced site – with a classroom, outdoor learning area, nap room, large secure garden and play areas.

We provide a full-time Catch Up Class, with specialist literacy and numeracy teachers, for children who start schooling late.

We follow the Zambian curriculum closely in Primary School, but conduct all our lessons exclusively in English. In Lower Secondary, we offer all compulsory subjects plus computer studies (which is challenging without any computers or laptops). In Upper Secondary, our learners specialise in Agricultural Science and business subjects.

Our secondary subjects include:

Integrated Science
Agricultural Science
Computer Studies
Religious Education
Social Studies
Commerce                            Accounts
Physical Education
Business Studies
Civic Education

Our staff and their responsibilities

  • Ms Mulemba Sakuwaha

    Head Teacher

  • Ms Mwangala Lubinda

    Deputy Head Teacher

  • Mr Crispin Shamufundo

    Deputy Head Teacher

  • -o-o-

  • Mr Golden Siankwebo

    Mathematics, Integrated Science

  • Mr Lameck Mvula

    Agricultural Science, Integrated Science

  • Ms Luyando Sikamikami

    English, Social Studies, Civic Education

  • Ms Mulemba Sakuwaha

    English, Social Studies

  • Mr Crispin Shamufundo

    Mathematics, Religious Education

  • Mr Moses Hara

    Physical Education, Mathematics

  • Ms Sikavinga Maluma

    Computer Studies, Accounts, Commerce, Business Studies

  • Ms Mwangala Lubinda

    English, Grade 3 class teacher

  • Ms Nelia Nkhoma

    Home Economics, Expressive Arts, Maths, Grade 2 class teacher

  • Ms Miniva Nshingwa

    Science, Technology, Special Papers, Grade 1 class teacher

  • Ms Kelina Chibinga

    Reception class teacher, Grade 4 class teacher

  • Ms Mutinta Mwanamwambwa

    Catch Up Class teacher

  • Ms Agness Phiri

    Social Studies, Catch Up Class

  • Ms Jolly Moono

    Early Years’ Teacher

  • Ms Mubisha Lubinda

    Early Years’ Teaching Assistant

  • -o-o-
  • Mr Charlotte Hambache

    Administration Officer

  • Mr Gift Chinyama & Mr Innocent Phiri

    Transport & Maintenance Officers

  • Ms Tina Mbewe

    Housekeeping Officer

  • Mr Vincent Simakwama

    Horticultural Officer

  • Ms Orient Habasimbi & Ms Juliet Machuku

    Catering Officers

  • Outdoor learning

  • Reaping the rewards

  • Practical teaching

  • Working garden

  • Science and nature

Our learners in Grades 10-12  follow the agricultural science pathway

In Zambia, in addition to core subjects like English and Maths, every school must provide its learners with practical knowledge, skills and experience in one particular area — as a ‘pathway’ to subsequent training or employment.

Because we serve the mainly farming community of Lusaka West, we decided Agricultural Science was the best pathway for our secondary learners.

We combine this subject with Business Studies, Accounts and Commerce to help them think about agriculture as a genuine business and an important career.

This combination of Agriculture and Business subjects gives our learners the knowledge, skills and values every child in our rural locality needs to serve our community and help it prosper.

As part of the pathway, every learner shares a small plot of land with a friend where they grow their own selection of crops under supervision.

They also learn to care for the school’s banana plantation and fruit trees, and each grade is responsible for different animals in our livestock enclosure.

Thank you to all our local and international supporters

All our growth since 2006 (classrooms, toilets, borehole, bus, kitchen, books, etc) has been down to the generosity of Mukwashi’s supporters.

Until 2016, we received £10,000 each year from a local company and the Lusaka Latino community.

Between 2009 – 2019, we received £15,000 from partner schools and £100,000 from individual and corporate donors: much of this came via Bridges of Peace & Hope, our ‘section 501 (3c)’ partner in the US.

Since 2020, many old and new friends have donated almost £70,000 through this web-site; and dozens of Zambian companies have contributed goods, materials and services at either no or a heavily discounted cost.

All these gifts, over the years, have been life-changing investments in thousands of young Zambian lives.

Where they are now…

The school’s founders wanted to give the children in Chilanga district a future shaped by high-quality education, and for them to become catalysts for change.

We are now sufficiently ‘down the line’ to be able to see this happening.

Here are some of the first learners who started at Mukwashi in 2006: they represent the young people in whom our supporters are investing. 

None of them began with any of the stuff people in high income countries think matters, but they all have tons of the stuff which really matters: 

From left to right: 

Twaambo graduated from teaching college, and works as an intern teaching English at a government secondary school.  Nicholas is pursuing his passion for woodwork, and works with his brother’s company making and selling furniture.  Nandipha works as a singer / songwriter, and is now a mother.  Kenneth graduated as an agricultural engineer, and works for our landlord, Seedco.   Diana is teaching English for a local US evangelical mission.   Lazarous graduated with a business degree, and works for a Zambian company as their Stores’ Controller.   Mweetwa works as a consultant water engineer.  And Kadija works with her husband running their family farm, and now has two children.

We can’t do what we do without you.