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Improved Living

Homes for our teachers


In the last few years, Mukwashi has grown rapidly in numbers, quality & professionalism. Friends & supporters have helped us install transformational school toilets and solar power for the office, but most progress is due to the remarkable work by our head teacher and the young, ambitious, highly-qualified team she’s recruited.

Sadly, however, the homes where our brilliant teachers have to live are still appallingly grim. At the moment, we’ve no choice but to pay £4,000 every year to local Zambian farmers to rent leaky, uncomfortable, sub-standard, tin-roofed shacks for our teachers to share.

The living conditions are degrading & demoralising, but there is nothing else to rent in the area other than tiny mud houses with even worse living conditions. Inevitably, this makes it difficult for the school to recruit and retain the best staff.


The only possible solution is for us to build ‘improved living’ homes for all teachers on our school site, where there’s plenty of room.

We have commissioned Pesiav United Enterprises, one of Zambia’s leading construction companies: (i) to build a block of nine ‘bedsits’ with shared facilities for single teachers, (ii) to build two ‘semi-detached’ family homes for senior staff; and (iii) to adapt and significantly upgrade the four existing tiny staff homes on our site to make them more ‘livable’ for married teachers.

These 15 homes will enable us to retain and recruit the best staff; most importantly, they will provide all current and future Mukwashi teachers with dignified living conditions for at least the next 40 years.

How much

Each of the fifteen homes will cost, on  average, £5,800 to build. Friends and supporters have covered the cost of the first thirteen homes by gifts and loans. We’re now seeking people, schools or groups who will help fund the final two with a gift or a short-term interest-free loan..

Over the next ten years,  these 15 on-site homes will also save Mukwashi Trust School at least £40,000 in rent payments.


We started building Stage One (nine shared homes for single teachers) at the end of May.  We hope to complete them by September.

We will start building Stage Two (two family homes for the head teacher & deputy head) in early August.

We update this page with weekly progress reports.

Week Seven

This week, our contractors, PUE, built the roof frames and began installing the roofing sheets They also started plastering the rooms and installed the ‘first fix’ of electrical wiring …

Week Six

This week, PUE completed the two ring beams and then built the walls above the ring beam up to the planned roof level. At the end of the week, several lorry loads of roofing timbers were delivered,…

Week Five

This week, PUE have been fabricating and installing the reinforced concrete ring beam which runs round both blocks above the window & door frames. This will bear and spread the weight of the ro…

Week Four

It’s been a week of non-stop block-laying for the team from PUE. Everyday, the external and internal structural walls have risen higher and higher – with perfect vertical and horizontal…

Week Three

PUE were busy this week. On Monday & Tuesday, they levelled, rammed and compressed the base within the box, built a temporary wooden frame, installed the damp-proof course and positioned the re…

Week Two

This week, we dug the support frame for the whole structure, filled it with concrete and then started bulding the brick box frame for the foundations. The team from PUE are fast and neat, and incre…

Week One

Work began on ‘Project One’ at dawn on Monday 27th May. The team from Pesiav United Enterprises laid out their plans and marked out the site. There will be two blocks of shared housing …