Solidarity with Mukwashi

your donation + your recommendation + our work

Please support Mukwashi today by…

  • sending the school a donation

  • recommending the school to your friends

Your recommendation

We need to gather a larger number of interested and committed supporters who will help us develop the school and establish similar ones elsewhere in rural Zambia.

Please forward the link to this website to your friends and contacts, and tell them, 

‘I’m supporting Mukwashi; please will you support Mukwashi too?’


You can give ‘regularly’, or you can make a ‘one-off’ donation.

A small regular donation provides a free place at our school for one of the most disadvantaged children in our local community.  Your regular gift is the key to a child’s education and life-chances.

A one-off gift helps us fund an urgent project to improve the school. At the moment, we are using all one-off gifts to provide hygienic and sustainable toilets for all our pupils, and to improve our water supply and storage.



To minimise finance charges, we keep all funds in the currency they are given, then transfer them to Zambia in the cheapest and most efficient way possible.

We promise to use 100% of all funds received (after finance charges) for the purpose they are given — to provide free places for disadvantaged children, pay teachers improved-living salaries, and buy equipment essential to the work of the school.

Our 14-year record speaks for itself: we use every donation carefully, efficiently and responsibly — to improve the school’s impact on the local community.