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August 30, 2023

A safer crossing

The school is next to the busy Mumbwa Road, the main road to the west. It’s one of Zambia’s handful of tarmac roads, so drivers enjoy racing along as fast as they can.

Most of our learners have to cross the road to go to school, so we have been asking the authorities for years to install speed humps and a safe crossing. There have been frequent accidents and, sadly, two fatalities in the last twelve months.

During the break between terms, Zambia’s Road Development Agency finally agreed to install a zebra crossing opposite the school entrance and to place speed humps on the road to slow the traffic.

A team of twenty RDA men camped in one of our classrooms while they did the work. They enjoyed using our toilets and showers, and finished the job in just under a week. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this vital improvement happen.