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July 23, 2023

More desks!

We’ve grown in numbers so much this term we needed to buy more desks.

We order our desks from the Lusaka Central Prison to support our local economy and to build friendship and understanding with the ‘Correctional Service’. Many of our learners are the children of prison officers at nearby Mwembeshi prison, so these links are important to us.

The prisoners make the desks to whatever size we specify; they use excellent local wood – and learn welding & carpentry skills which help them gain employment on release. Their desks are superb quality, and very easy for our staff to maintain and repair.

We use ‘single’ desks throughout the school, but this time decided to buy 22 ‘double’ desks and to use them them in one of our lower primary classes.

Here are some photos of the desks arriving, and then being used by our G2 learners.