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September 24, 2021

Trenches dug & steel cages made

This week, we’ve dug by hand all the trenches for the footings, and have bent, woven & welded the steel reinforcing cages ready for the concrete.
October 19, 2021

The roof is on

The inverted roof is in place. It will maximise natural light and ventilation, and harvest the rainwater. It will serve as a big umbrella during every rainy season, and then as a giant parasol for the rest of each year.
October 16, 2021

The main steel frame is up

Only four weeks after we demolished our first old toilet, all the main steel beams are now in place; and the distinctive shape of the inverted roof is clear.
October 13, 2021

The first steel column…

The concrete has finally cured, and we’ve been able to remove the wooden framework. All the steel columns, beams and roofing sheets have arrived, and now the first column is in place. We’ll start to move quickly now.
October 7, 2021

Curing the concrete

We are now waiting for the concrete to ‘cure’ before we can start work on the steel. The wonderful mature tree has been felled: it has become a stack of firewood for our kitchen staff to use next year. On Saturday, we had our first rains – unusually early – so we need to get the roof on as soon as we can.
October 3, 2021

Concreting the base

We’ve almost finished the footings and base slab, which are taking 39 cubic metres of concrete. Here’s Tonny Makosa, our Zambian architect, inspecting the works.
September 28, 2021

Starting to take shape

We’ve almost completed preparing the footings and base for the concrete. The wooden framework and underground pipe-runs are in place, and we can now see where the long row of 20 w/cs (toilets) will be.
September 20, 2021

Marking out the ground

We’ve levelled our old squat toilets and latrines, and have marked out the new building on the ground. You can see our water tank in the distance: we need to install two more. Sadly, we need to fell the magnificent mature tree – but are mitigating the loss by planting 180 fruit trees elsewhere on our site.
September 17, 2021

RIP our first original mud toilet block.

Thank you for 15 years’ faithful service. At the end of the week, we’d demolished all our old toilets and cleared the site. We’re saving everything we can for future projects, and have already used some old toilet windows, roofing sheets and door frames to build a much-needed new storage shed.
September 17, 2021

Work has started!

We’ve erected fencing around the construction site to keep the children out! After the project, we’ll reuse the corrugated iron and gum poles to build pens and shelters for the livestock we plan to keep for our agriculture lessons.

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