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A quick summary of 2022

We provided 53 free places to  children living with the greatest disadvantages and added a full-time administrator and a PE teacher to the staff team.

We completed our ‘Toilet & Water Project’, and now have 20 modern w/cs,  10 showers, 4 rows of urinals & sinks, 4 drinking fountains – and a special facility for learners in wheelchairs.

We also installed a solar pump and started to store our rainwater, waste-water and a supply of non-potable water – and now use these to flush our toilets and irrigate our crops. This means we don’t waste a drop of precious drinking water we collect from our borehole.

Tools for Mukwashi 

We are trying to raise £8,000 ($9,000 / €9,000 / CAD 13,000) by Christmas so the school can buy the basic equipment and resources it needs. 

Please help the school by planning a fundraising event or collection, or by sending your own gift, or by buying ‘tools for Mukwashi’ as your Christmas gift for your friends and family.

Please download our appeal leaflet and send it to your friends and colleagues. And please also circulate the the link to our headteacher’s video – it will surprise and inspire them.

Your ‘one-off gift’ will provide some
 ‘Tools for Mukwashi’

The school needs £2,500 ($3,000, €3,000, CAD 4,000) for science lab equipment; £2,000 ($2,500, €2,500, CAD 3,500) for classroom resources£2,000 ($2,500, €2,500, CAD 3,500) for agricultural learning resources; and £1,500 ($2,000, €2,000, CAD 2,500) for the school site.  That’s £8,000 to provide our staff and learners with the kit they need to achieve even more.

So far, we have received…

Thank you!

Your ‘regular gift’ will fund our ‘Free Places’

All ‘regular gifts’ (monthly, quarterly or annual donations) are used to fund the +50 free places we provide for those local children who are living with the most acute disadvantages. They are either orphans or their family income is less than £25 ($30 / €28) per month.

A free place covers all the costs of a child’s food, travel, books, materials, equipment, trips and tuition.  To provide all this costs us an average of about  £20 ($28 / €24) per month for each child.

School learning

Melody’s story

Learner at Mukwashi Trust School

Melody is 15 years old and in grade eight. She has two brothers and a sister; her parents are part-time farm labourers who can only manage to obtain work during the rainy season.

They just about managed to pay  for Melody and her brother Felix to complete primary school and pass their G7 exams, but were too poor to pay for their secondary education. Both children then had several years without schooling.

A local church identified the family’s struggles and vulnerability and applied for bursary places for Melody and Felix. The church members contributed by buying their uniforms and shoes.

Melody wants to be an accountant when she completes school because she loves Maths. Her dream is to build a house for her parents when she becomes a qualified accountant.