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May 18, 2023

Open for business

Our new ‘experimental business laboratory’ opened for business at the start of Term Two – to great excitement.

Second-hand shipping containers offer both security and durability, but they are like gold-dust in landlocked countries. We’ve been looking for one for years; and last December, Marvin, one of supporters in the UK, finally located one on a hillside in Zimbabwe and his logistics company transported it to Mukwashi this March.

Since then, staff and learners have been sanding, rust-proofing, painting and converting it into a small ‘community shop’. It will be run and managed by secondary learners as part of their business studies, commerce & accounts lessons. It’s a chance for them to experiment, make mistakes and gain ‘hands-on’ skills and experience in developing a small business.

Teacher Sikazinga is responsible for our new experimental learning provision.
The derelict container Marvin’s team found for the school on a Zimbabwe hillside.
Learners have done all the cleaning, sanding, rust-proofing and painting.
Our maintenance team (Gift & Innocent) converted the inside into a practical facility for SIkazinga to use in her lessons.