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February 3, 2022

We’re going bananas!


This term, in their Agricultural Science lessons, our Grade 12s have been learning about growing bananas.

They’ve just planted 100 banana suckers in our garden, and will nurture them right through the year. Hopefully, they’ll have harvested the fruit before they start their G12 exams.

Here’s Miyoba Mulenga planting one of her suckers very carefully, with Mr Sichinga watching to make sure she does it perfectly.

Our horticultural officer, Mr Simakwama, has also recently planted 73 fruit trees (oranges, guavas, tangelos, nectarines, melons and mangos) so that all our secondary Agricultural Science pupils can learn both practically and academically. 

In a few years’ time, there should be fresh fruit for all our learners almost every day of the year.