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January 3, 2023

We’re rather pleased with our Grade 7, 9 & 12 exam results

We’re proud of our 34 learners who sat the national Grade 7 examinations in November.

Their results were far better than at other schools around Zambia. 85% of our learners achieved one of the top two divisions, whereas only 41% managed this at all other schools; only 3% of our learners achieved the lowest division – far fewer than the 37% in all other schools.

We’re even more pleased with the 28 learners who sat the national Grade 9 exams.

Learners must pass these to proceed to Upper Secondary, and the overall Grade 9 ‘School Certificate’ is generally considered to be a ‘passport’ to decent employment. 82% of our candidates have been awarded a ‘certificate’ so can move on to Grade 10, while only 55% across all other schools passed and can proceed.

And we are delighted with the 12 learners who took the national Grade 12 exams. This is similar to the IB, and learners must gain an overall G12 ‘National Certificate’ to proceed to further education.

Gratifyingly, 83% of our candidates have been awarded a ‘certificate’ – compared to only 69% across all other schools in Zambia.

The national average includes all the expensive private schools, boarding schools, stem schools and international schools which only accept children who have gained the highest marks at Grade 7 or Grade 9. In contrast, at Mukwashi, we accept all children, whatever their ability or results, and many of our learners started school late or missed a few years.

Eight of our Grade 9 candidates have only been able to attend school because they’ve had a free place funded by our friends and supporters: seven of them passed and can move up. Their achievement captures the life-changing value of the monthly gifts which make our free places possible.