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Week Seven

This week, our contractors, PUE, built the roof frames and began installing the roofing sheets

They also started plastering the rooms and installed the ‘first fix’ of electrical wiring and plumbing.

We are now exactly half-way through the build programme for these two blocks.

We also signed the contract with PUE for the next stage – and they will start on that next month.

Week Six

This week, PUE completed the two ring beams and then built the walls above the ring beam up to the planned roof level.

At the end of the week, several lorry loads of roofing timbers were delivered, and the team then started to treat them, one by one, with preservative and termite protection.

Week Five

This week, PUE have been fabricating and installing the reinforced concrete ring beam which runs round both blocks above the window & door frames. This will bear and spread the weight of the roof and give lasting strength and stability.

They created wooden shuttering frames around the tops of the blocks and then filled this with concrete and reinforcing materials.

Next week, they will add another three courses of blocks above both ring beams and will then begin to install the two rooves.

Week Four

It’s been a week of non-stop block-laying for the team from PUE.

Everyday, the external and internal structural walls have risen higher and higher – with perfect vertical and horizontal levels.

Week Three

PUE were busy this week.

On Monday & Tuesday, they levelled, rammed and compressed the base within the box, built a temporary wooden frame, installed the damp-proof course and positioned the reinforcing metal mesh.

On Wednesday & Thursday, a constant stream of lorries brought the concrete and team barrowed and levelled this.

By the end of Friday, the foundations were done.

Week Two

This week, we dug the support frame for the whole structure, filled it with concrete and then started bulding the brick box frame for the foundations.

The team from PUE are fast and neat, and incredibly polite and well-behaved on site. It’s not easy, as they have a constant crowd of spectators: our learners are fascinated by the process.

By the end of the week, the box frame was complete.

Week One

Work began on ‘Project One’ at dawn on Monday 27th May.

The team from Pesiav United Enterprises laid out their plans and marked out the site.

There will be two blocks of shared housing between the Early Years’ garden and our current staff block.

They cleared the access for delivery lorries, felled three trees (we didn’t feel bad as we’d planted 250 trees in the past two years), dug the perimeter and set the levels.